Pastor Russell Oglesby
    “I never want to get ahead of God, nor be so far behind,
that I cannot see where He is leading me!” 
Pastor Oglesby’s focus at White Oak Spring has been on individual growth in Christ. A church is no stronger than the Institution of Family, which consist of individuals. As they develop their relationship with Christ and discover our destiny and purpose, we will begin to find our place in His Kingdom. When individuals find their place, families move into ministry and the church effectively establishes the atmosphere for Salvation to occur. When individuals/families discover their ministry, communities get changed. When communities benefit from those changes, we can change the world!
Over the years Pastor Oglesby has traveled extensively and participated in many projects, primarily in Charlotte, NC, along with other locations across America. During the period from 1995 through 2006 he initially attended Nation Ford Baptist (now Community Church) and later Ebenezer Baptist Church (Charlotte, NC), under the guidance and watchcare of Dr. Leonzo D. Lynch, Senior Pastor. During this era, the most significant change in his life occurred through the weekly Men’s Bible Study, Outreach Ministry, Vacation Bible School and mid-Week Services.

    Pastor Oglesby accepted his call to preach the gospel in October of 1999 and preached his trial sermon in November of that same year. Little did he know that everything he had experienced and learned in Charlotte was preparation for returning to his home church. That was also the same year that the Lord revealed His leading of the work in Central, SC.
He preached his first sermon as the pastor of White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church on the 5th Sunday in September of 2007. Through God’s leading, the church has continually advanced in their relationship with God; thus becoming more Christ-centered and actively engaged in Kingdom Building. Together, he and the church worked, laughed and cried together but most of all, they continually grow together in Christ. He is an active example  of what God's teaches with his beautiful wife,  Loretta , married in 1981 and from this union they were blessed with three daughters (Yvonne, Gennifer and Krista). They are also the proud grandparents to grandson (Jaziah) and granddaughter (Jakiaha).   

Pastor Oglesby's vision for the body of Christ is to live by the Holy Spirit's leading , have faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and bring glory to God's name though the life we live.
  1. Deacons
    Dea. Marcell Oglesby Dea. Bryant Sylvester Black, Jr. Dea. Michael E. Forbes
  2. Trustees
    Bro. Bryant S. Black, Sr ~Emeritus Bro. David Oglesby Bro. Julian W. Oglesby Bro. William D. Lee Bro. Kyle L. Hicks Bro. C. Dwayne Edwards Bro. Gregory Hamilton
  3. Ministers
    Russell M. Oglesby, Pastor Corey O Watson, Minister Danielle R. Filmore, Minister